The One With The Friends Funko Pop – Wave 2

Shortly after my obsession with Friends began, I learned about the Funko Pop Friends line that was released last 2015/2016.

Aren’t they the cutest?

With my very little knowledge on how Funko Pop works, I searched and inquired at every Funko Pop store online and offline only to get strangely looked at as these guys are already “vaulted” (in layman’s term, no longer in production aka unlikely to be found in stores). I later on learned that they are only available now through resellers and at 300-600% of the original selling price.

So imagine my excitement when I recently heard that Funko Pop produced Friends Wave 2 line!

As my bias is Monica, I have to get her! Plus isn’t she the cutest with her cornrows? But I also cannot resist Joey in Chandler’s clothes because that is just so cute too. So I “planned” on getting only the 2 of them from waver 2 (as I still prefer Phoebe, Chandler, Ross and Rachel from wave 1).

But who am I kidding? Of course I ended up pre-ordering all 6 of them simply because I just can’t resist them! Besides, I wouldn’t know if and when will I be able to get my hands on the wave 1 line. I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna regret this. I’m actually already pretty excited and can’t wait for it’s release.

By the way, about a couple of weeks after I pre-ordered the entire set, I placed another order for a second Monica and a Joey. Joey 2 will be a gift to a good friend (so that’s understandable) while Monica 2 will be my office and travel buddy (because Monica 1 will stay Monica-clean with the rest of the gang on display at my place – and that’s pretty understandable too, right?).

See also this article on the genesis of the Funko Pop Friends line wave 1.

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