The One With The Many Monicas – Friends Funko Pop Wave 2


A friend just alerted me that Funko revealed one more Monica on the wave 2 of Friends Funko Pop! The frizzy-only-because-of-the-humidity haired Monica in Barbados!

Monica chase – rarity of 1-in-6

This is a “chase”. I’ve actually read “Monica w/ chase” on announcements for Friends wave 2 Funko Pops, but knowing nothing about Funko Pops, I didn’t know what it actually meant.


Found out that “chase” is sort of a limited edition of Funko Pop and usually made from the same molds, packaged in the same boxes, with the same box numbers, but in different design. In this case, Barbados cornrow haired Monica is the common Funko Pop and her “chase” is the Barbados humidity haired Monica (yey!).

I wonder why they didn’t go ahead with Too Tan Ross.

I am so happy because I have actually imagined and wished, that Funko Pop would release the frizzy haired Monica sometime in the future. I didn’t expect that it will actually be part of wave 2.

And as I searched for more details about the Monica chase figure, I found out that there’s a third Monica! Turkey-head Monica. And she’s an exclusive Target edition.

Could I BE any more excited? It’s 4:30am here and I literally cannot and won’t be able to sleep! I’m literally crying with excitement!

I already informed my friend that I will be pre-ordering the Monica chase Funko Pop. I wonder how difficult it is to get. It’s super pricey too. I mean, as compared to the common Funko Pop Monica, it’s about 500% more expensive. So I hope it’s not that difficult to get.

I wonder though how I can get the turkey head Monica from Target. If it’s not available for pre-order, then I would have to buy it from Target’s website. Because I NEED to have turkey head Monica too!

EDIT: Was able to pre-order Monica Turkey Head from Filbar’s! Yey my entire Friends Wave 2 will be complete!

I still wish though for a Fat Monica to pair up with the 80s Chandler. And re-create this scene along with Rachel and Ross. I think that Fat Monica would be so cute as a Funko Pop.


And Monica as Cat Woman to recreate the scene with Phoebe as Super Girl.

Phoebe: Ah, catwoman! So we meet again.
Monica: So we do, Supergirl.

Why are they so good to Monica lovers? I guess Funko Pop loves me my money!

Oh dear God! There are three of them!

Me: Happy! So very happy!

My wallet: Not so much…

Bye bye $$$!

Check out this official announcement from Funko Pop regarding Friends Funko Pop wave 2.

Coming soon this August!


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